We take the stress out of planning, scheduling, and budgeting for your relocation.

About Our Service

Relocations to a new location for job related reasons can be stressful for the entire family. The transferee alone can spend 10 days or more planning each step, researching services and suppliers, prioritizing their needs, establishing a budget, while still trying to keep focus on their job. And what about the family?

MPI’s Self-Serve has been designed for employees relocating at their own request, possibly with no financial support, or those moving on a lump sum payment. In these scenarios, the employee must build their own parameters and budgets, often with no or limited knowledge on relocation services available, the reputation and experience of the service suppliers.

The MPI’s Self-Serve catalogue lists relocation services that are the norm, when transferring between locations. It identifies suppliers that are primarily utilized by companies relocating employees or relocation management firms handling employee relocations for the company. This catalogue enables the employee to source out these services and suppliers directly with no management fees. Best of all, the transferee will obtain corporate pricing and in some cases cash rebates from the supplier worth thousands of dollars. These pricing advantages stretch the relocation budget beyond what may been provided by the company as a lump sum payment. MPI does not charge management fees for providing this catalogue, unless specifically noted with full transparency.

No Fee Catalogue Services

The following services have no MPI management or service fees.

Pre-Decision Services

Such services include city or area orientation to make sure the destination city and area is appropriate for both the transferee and the family. Many relocations fail because the family can’t adjust to the new environment. MPI will direct you to our third- party supplier, who will do a needs analysis and set up the tour for the new location. The service can be virtual or with a tour guide at the destination city. There is a fee charged by the supplier for this service ranging from $375 to $675.  Contact an MPI Self-Serve consultant to determine if this service is right for you. Call toll free at 1-866-904-2495.

Home Sale and Purchase Assistance

You can reach out directly to our service supplier, All-Purpose Realty Services Inc., who has been providing home sale and purchase services to MPI’s corporate clientele, including guarantee sale options. They are familiar with working in the corporate world and the sensitivities involved in an employee relocation. They have full knowledge of ancillary services that may be needed.  When contacting their office, a professional customer care representative will greet you and hold your hand through the entire home sale and/or purchase journey. They are an industry leader in the affinity market in Canada with a network of pre-screened real estate agents covering every community in Canada with top agents from all the well-known brands. When using the referred real estate agent(s), you will receive cash rebates on the transaction value of the home sale and purchase that averaged over $4000 per customer file in 2022. Thousands of families have used this service.  Click here to visit their website and offer or call 1-800-203-9494. Their website includes the national data base of MLS listings, where visitors can view the value of properties in their current and new areas, with a list of amenities and a map beside each property listed. Walk scores are included on each neighbourhood.

Mortgage Financing

This service can piggyback on the home purchase assistance service, whereby employee’s will be introduced to a virtual mortgage broker that offers competitive mortgage rates and will help find the mortgage and term that best fit your needs, with cash rebates. To date, our average mortgage rebate has exceeded $500. Click here for details or call 1-866-904-2495.

Legal Assistance on a Home Sale and Purchase

We are providing a list of lawyers that are being used by many of the Relocation Management Firms in Canada, for their clients needs when buying or selling a home. These lawyers specialize in real estate law. Click here to view, download, and print our province based lawyer list (PDF).

Rental Assistance

There is a shortage of rental properties in Canada and rates are exorbitant in major centres. Experience has shown us that families can take weeks finding the right rental property. There are rental assistance services that can assist you with your rental, as they do this everyday. Their search is based on your needs, whether it be schools, location to office, features and price or more. Their norm is one day in finding the rental and the associated cost includes your needs assessment and research. They charge a fee of $625 for this service. This rate is below their norm based on being a MPI referral and the rate has been grandfathered based on MPI’s long term relationship with this supplier. Call MPI 1-866-904-2495 to obtain more details or start the process.

Household Goods Moving and Storage

MPI has arrangements with a household goods mover from each of the major van lines in Canada, who specialize in handling employee relocations and are very aggressive with their pricing. MPI’s management team has extensive experience in this area and to save time and energy for you, we can obtain moving and storage quotes and assist in the selection of the carrier based on factors such as pricing, transit time and other ways to save on moving costs. For example; carriers offering container storage to reduce or eliminate unnecessary storage costs, when closing dates don’t come together on your home sale and purchase.  Other services provided include car shipments and pet services. For more details or to start this service call 1-866-904-2495.

Fee-Based Catalogue Services

The following miscellaneous services are available at the employee or employer’s expense.

Personal Relocation Consultant

This service is optional and is being provided by MPI. This is a specialized service where MPI will provide counseling on how to best utilize or allocate lump sum payments. You can spend your lump relocation allowance towards any relocation expense. This is different than allocating expenses for CRA input tax credits when filing your return, which you can do.  For example, there are relocation expenses that qualify for input tax credits like household goods moving ( when meeting CRA’s criteria). You should apply your lump sum payments to relocation expenses that don’t qualify as an input tax credit before applying to those expenses like household goods moving that do qualify for input tax credits.  MPI has branded this as Taxmiser. MPI’s fee for this service is $350. For details, call MPI at 1-866-904-2495

Other Relocation Support

There are many other services available for individuals moving at their own expense or on a lump sum payment from their company. Based on demand, MPI will add such services to our catalogue; however, if would like more information for your relocation, reach out to MPI. Examples of such services follows.

  • Temporary or Corporate Housing-Require payment at the time of booking.
  • Partner Career Assistance – Government sites are free, career planning services for a fee.
  • School Search.
  • Settling in Services at destination.
  • Cultural Training.
  • Language.

In the interim, please feel free to contact MPI for any advice or questions you may have on your relocation. We are here to help and wish you all the best on your relocation. Call MPI at 1-866-904-2495.