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Venngo in partnership with Mobility Partners is introducing new programs to support Human Resource Professionals and their employees while living in our new COVID 19 world and beyond.

Mobility patterns have changed for company sponsored relocations and locally with employees working from home. Why should an employee be relocated when they will work from a remote location? COVID 19 fears and closing of offices have resulted in an increased number of staff at all levels moving to rural areas, at their own expense. On company sponsored moves, the administrative burden has increased with immigration, payroll and tax issues related to working from remote locations and lump sum relocation payments have been used to minimize some of the burden. There are financial inefficiencies in the handling of lump sum relocations, for both the company and employee. As for staff relocating to remote areas on their own initiative, Human Resource Professionals have not had the time or resources to look at means of supporting this group, which could be a missed opportunity to enhance relationships in a competitive labour market.

Venngo has looked at ways of supporting Human Resource Professionals with some of their administrative tasks that go along with their job responsibilities on corporate sponsored moves, with emphasis on lump sum relocations. We also looked at benefits that can apply on both company sponsored relocations and non sponsored moves, with employees moving on their own initiative to the safety of rural markets.

Venngo partnered with Mobility Partners (MPI) to address the issues we have outlined. MPI is an established full- service Relocation Management Company. Together, we will offer solutions that can reduce the administrative burden experienced by Human Resource Professionals and introduce programs with cost savings and rewards to the employee. Venngo has a long history of delivering value to employees for everyday purchases, as an extension of employee benefit plans.


For more details, please contact Sally Benn at Venngo.


For more details, please contact Sally Benn at Venngo.


Introducing Taxmiser, an alternate way for Human Resource Professionals to manage Lump Sum Relocation Payments by out- sourcing to Mobility Partners (MPI).

  • Lump sum relocation payments are geared to minimizing the internal administration of an employee relocation by providing a fixed amount. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines state this must be taxed at source. This could be a 45% reduction to the employee at source, some of which can be claimed at year end. Pass the funds to MPI to manage as cash advances and eliminate the need to tax at source. This provides the employee the funds when most needed.
  • The transferee will be coached on proper allocation of the funds to ensure that at tax time, funds are allocated to non-deductible expenses first, to maximize tax deductions on over the allowance spending. A summary report will be submitted to the company to assist with the preparation of T4 slips.
  • This is a fee-based service; however, the company can capture HST/GST input tax credits that should exceed the file fee. This is Taxmiser at work.


Preferred pricing, discounts and even Air Miles are available when the employee uses Venngo’s preferred suppliers, with one central professional customer service representative from Mobility Partners (MPI} coordinating all relocation services. MPI stays with the employee through their journey from start to finish. Status reporting is available to the Human Resource Professional.

  • Relocations normally start with the employee researching home values at both origin and destination and they do this by searching MLS Listings. MPI is there for the employee providing national MLS listings in Canada. This is done through MPI’s sister company and Venngo’s national real estate partner All-Purpose Realty, an industry leader in loyalty/benefit market Canada. They operate as a real estate agent referral service covering all communities in Canada with a realtor network covering all well- known brands. Agents are vetted and performance metrics are in place. Employee’s using this service can Get up to 10,000 Air Miles, when buying or selling a home. Air flights start at 1200 Air Miles. Details on this offer can be viewed at
  • The MPI counselor can introduce the employee to a national mortgage brokerage with size, volume and buying power to get your employee not only the best mortgage rates, but terms that meet their needs. Mortgage providers come from the Venngo’s approved supplier network.
  • The MPI counselor will introduce the employee to a household good moving and storage company they utilize for their current corporate clients. These companies are van line affiliated with performance metrics in place and provide MPI clients will preferred pricing.

Venngo‘s Human Resource programs are designed to minimize workloads and introduce services to save both the company and employee time and money. Some unique benefits make you company more competitive in today’s labour market and the new world of remote locations and the trend to live in rural markets! We do offer a full suite of relocation services in addition to the services addressed.