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Mobility Partners relocation consultants are certified travel professionals. We have access to unique software programs available only to the travel industry. We review flight details and fares of multiple airlines in one data base and can locate hotels or corporate housing that are in the right location and price range for the transferee.

As a relocation company providing travel services, MPI is able to offer the company and transferee some additional benefits.

• We work to the transferee’s budget or any cap the company may establish and monitor travel expenses on behalf of the company.
• Capture all relocation costs, including travel to make it easier for the company to manage their relocation budget.
• Any changes to relocation plans or dates affecting travel are coordinated by our relocation consultant saving the transferee and company time and energy contacting the suppliers affected by the change.

MPI’s corporate travel is available as a stand-alone service or as part of our relocation program available to employees.

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